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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mission candy: day 2 + lots of thinspo pics!

heey sweeties, so sorry i haven't been really active lately, just been too busy and always putting things off.

anyways, doing a new thing right now, not gonna call it a diet.. its kind of unusual.. but my best friend lost 25 lbs in about 3 weeks doing this.

well, it involves candy.. just candy. all i can eat is candy, candy, candy! and drink soda. already getting sick of it.
don't know my weight, been really scared to step on the scale.. though i'm guessing i'm around 147.. 

keeping my mind occupied by watching hollyoaks, actually hannah's story.

but on another note, oh god, i'm so falling in love with my boyfriend.. we only get to meet each other every other weekend, but when we do it's wonderful, just fantastically cute and comfortable and heartwarming. i live for these weekends. 
just have to put up with my job 'till new years, and then i can finally move, and be with him.

getting sick of this town.. been losing friends because of my ex best friend. [shortstory; she's a bitch who cheated on her boyfriend who lives for her, and just because i knew she stopped talking to me, and now she's coming up with stories about me and i guess people are buying them]
there's nothing for me here, only have to finish school and save up money to have a sweet life, far away from here.

but anywhos, plenty of thinspo to make up for not blogging lately.
black&white theme ftw! enjoy x

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  1. Very pretty thinspo. =)

    I don't get to see my boyfriend very often ither. Just one day every weekend. I don't get to move to be with him more often until May though. So I kind of know what your going through.

    I hope things get better for you with the ex best friend thing.