My weightloss

Thursday, October 20, 2011

hunger pains.. loving it!

today was good.
fasted until dinner and ate total of 31 cal.. just wasn't hungry, played alot with my food and then got away with just taking 3 tiny bites.
and then my dad force fed me a teaspoon of icecream.

he's always worrying about my eating habits, he's the first person to suspect somethings up.
somehow i like that he notices.
 like when i lost around 45 lbs in under a month, nobody noticed. not really. from the attention i got, people probably thought i lost 10 lbs max.. 
i think that's the reason why i don't see any difference. when i look at the mirror i still see a 176 lbs girl.

ah, anyways.. i set a daily limit of 200 cal in MyFitnessPal.. after today i have 266 cal in the bank.
thinking about grabbing a little snack, since my plan tomorrow is a fast :)

ciao x


  1. Ohh good luck. Hope you stay healthy though! Your dad sounds totally caring, which is very cute.

  2. When you say don't skip meals, how often do you eat because I always forget to eat then I'm starving at the end of the day and end uo binging. Today I've been good so far, but what do you fill in and how often?

  3. isnt it great when youre not hungry!! i got a dad like that too, gotta watch what i do round him...

  4. You have MyFitnessPal, too? :D I don't know how it works, but wanna be a buddy? :) I'll try to find you^^ What's your user name or mail address? Only if you're interested ;) I think your dad's really lovable - lost mine a few years ago.. but man I miss him!! He always used to say "There is no trying. Either you do something or not!".. funny! Lucky you got yours, caring for you like no one else possibly can.. hugs and inspiration Xx

    1. I just realized your post was from last year - just read October.. sorry.. Are you still active?