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Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 and a half pound with no effort..

i'm so confused.. i was doing that candy "diet" but then i realized midterms were coming up, and i was so miserable and always sleeping and had no time to study. and after going to the doctors after having stomach pains for weeks he gave me some pills and said that i should try for a few weeks not to skip meals.
yeah right! me not skipping meals.. that's impossible. 
but i decided to do it. always eat breakfast and lunch. i haven't really eaten breakfast since i was 9, which was the year my ED developed.
I also put me some guidelines:

  • no skipping meals, even though "you're not hungry", just get an apple, cry baby.
  • try to eat as healthy as you can.
  • don't deny yourself food, if you want something, get just a little bit of it
  • no coffee, now it's green tea time
  • no counting calories
its completely different than i'm used to, but i haven't binged on fatty foods and i'm always full.

in just 2 days i've lost 4.6 lbs.. from 147.9 to 143.3.

i'm too confused.

my newest obsession, arms;

and two inspiring before and after pics:

this one is just amazing.. 


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