My weightloss

Friday, September 16, 2011

yeah.. i gave in.

with that i mean i bought cigarettes.
just was so pissed off, and didn't want to eat, so i gave in.

ah, so now i let myself smoke instead of allowing myself to eat.
which is going pretty well, only tea, water and coffee today :)

and stepped on the scale yesterday, nearly 148 lbs. eww.
but weighed myself in the evening after eating a lot of sick food. so i'm not sure what my actual weight is, probably around 145.

i hate how i'm quick up.. but i'm also loose weight pretty fast.
that should be some kind of an inspiration. but it just makes me think "huh, this is easy, i could do this anytime. i'll just start tomorrow."

now i just have to finish my homework and do some exercise, just been way too lazy today.

sayonara x

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  1. Sounds lovely, actually :) Cigarettes are fantastic where that's concerned.