My weightloss

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nothing really bothers her, she just wants to love herself.

I'm a huge nirvana fan. I swore that i was gonna get this tattooed when i turned eighteen, hasn't happened yet. maybe its a little too emo.

Been sleeping too much, and still tired.. should be in school in 10 minutes but not ready, so gonna skip first period.. been doing that maybe a little too much lately.

I'm in the school newspaper, but our school is so small that it our newspaper only comes out twice a year, but instead we are now writing an article everyweek that is in one of the major newspapers here. it's driving me crazy. had such a brainfart yesterday and didn't know what i was writing, maybe i came of little sarcastic. i'll probably be in trouble. 

my dog is grinning at me, he's still such a puppy, though he's six. crazy dog thinks he's a cat.

after a sleepless night yesterday i had egg whites for breakfast, 17 cal. after school i slept all day long, only to wake up with a pain in my stomach, and after trying to go to sleep again, i gave up and had a little of mom's dinner, some healthy something.. not sure what it was.

but still after that i got on the scale this morning and saw i was down 2 lbs :) i'm 143.5 now.. i really really wanna be in the 130s.. 

been fighting with my boyfriend. saw a picture of him and his ex and went loco.. i'm a really jealous person. 
we've been together for nearly eight months and we're still not facebook official. one of the reason is that he's 9 years older, 27 yrs old. and i haven't met any of his family. except for his cousins.. thats because i grew up with them. awkward.

i hate small towns.


  1. Haha! I was in the school newspaper when I was in High School! It was so much fun. A lot of people didn't like the things I wrote about because they were purposefully sarcastic. I went to a country/redneck High school. I did a lot of articles about vegetarianism, the wrongs in the mass production of animal to produce meat for the already obese country, etc. I have strong opinions and they finally got heard through that newspaper. =)

  2. I always said I wanted a quote from the Declaration of Arbroath and I still haven't go it done. I figured if I still want it at 22, I'll get it done. I doubt I will ever get a tattoo even though I want some lol.

    Small towns sound... I couldn't live in one. Living in a large city like I do means nobody would really bat an eyelid if you were dating an older guy. xo