My weightloss

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm the dude.

it's 3:58 a.m and i can't sleep so i turned on the tv, and once in my whole life there was something good on, the big lebowski ♥

oh and yeah, i dont think this plan is gonna work for me, working on a new one at the moment.

my day? well, sleeping way too much, then stupid work, calling my boyfriend and then binging on candy and chips.. and drinking my weight in pepsi... feel so sick.

that's the reason i can't sleep.

also been smoking way too much, don't feel well. it's like i'm binging on cigarettes.

ah well, my plan, starting tomorrow:

Day 1-100 cal
Day 2-50 cal
Day 3-0 cal
Day 4- 100 cal
Day 5-0 cal
Over the weekend – 5 bite diet

I will try my best next weekend, but i finally get to see my boyfriend, and we have a date at a sushi place, and we always eat fattening food. so i think the 5 bite diet would work the best. 

over and out x
too beautiful.. 
been depressed lately because i was interviewed for a promo video for my school.. and all i could see was fat cheeks and bloated face..
just want my cheekbones to show.

forgot to mention exercise like crazy.. just whenever i can.
would love to know some of your favs?


  1. Lol, I try in earnest to surround myself with people like the dude. I love the idea fof a five bite diet, it sounds like a great test of willpower but also doable. I love yoga, walking, and dancing. Quiet, cheap, and I can do them without seeming like a gym rat (arouses suspicion) and even without food in my system/ when I'm faint.

  2. The five bite diet sounds great and I think I'm going to try it whenever my boyfriend drags me to places that seem to only have unhealthy foods. lol Which will be like every weekend. lol

    If when you get there you are feeling a little bit like you are going to binge, order vegetable rolls off the sushi menu. The only calories in them that aren't coming from safe foods is from them rice and there is not very much of that in them. =)

    I hate running, so I swim a lot. I like yoga, pilates, and walking as well.

  3. Wow, I could never do that regime, I don't have the discipline. I'm doing the SGD right now though, started monday. You're welcome to follow it on my blog: