My weightloss

Friday, September 16, 2011

Funny how things you own, start owning you.

Right now my mind and body are fighting.. if i should start smoking again.
the thing is i've smoked for 4 years now, and while fasting cigarettes were a lifesaver. i'm just not sure if i can do it without them.
but have to save money.. and i always smoke way too much, i'd go through a pack in a day or two.
and on the other hand, i was able to stop, and i'm not sure if i could do that again, soon i mean.

agh, anyways. my plan yesterday didn't work, well, i got sick, some stomach flu and yeah.
so i started today.
that's the reason for my cigarette rambling.

ta-ta x


  1. Oh I had the exact dilemma! I started fasting three days ago, and allowed myself to smoke while fasting, but ehh, I'm not sure, I can stop tomorrow, when my fast is done..

  2. That sounds like a hard situations. I hate addictions! They tend to control everything your mood, how you see others etc.! Hope you feel better and get over the stomach flu!


    p.s I just started following your blog but It is so inspiring!