My weightloss

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a pic of me?

Weight: i was 145 lbs this morning.. which is kinda good since i was 153 last tuesday. 
Mood: numb
Music: the cave-mumford and sons

I really hate my body.. every single ounce of fat goes to my lower stomach, its like my body knows i'm trying my best to lose that part, so it puts everything i eat or drink right there.. my body hates me.

i was thinking about posting a picture of me, but only if i can get brutal honesty, thats what motivates me the most.. think you can be brutally honest?

haven't eaten anything today.. just alot of coffee.. and cleaned the whole house and read, which is so not me.. i think i'm terminally ill.

so, i threw a party last weekend, and this really annoying creepy boy crashed it and i switched on my bitch mode and well, you really don't wanna piss me off.. so he left after a lot of bitching and after he found out that nobody there was happy with boys hitting girls, so he decided to get back at me by puking all over the place, faceplanting into my window and breaking my fence (y) 

bwah, i'm just too tired to blog, but felt like i had to since i decided to delete all the old posts.

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