My weightloss

Saturday, August 6, 2011

oh giddy giddy! + thinspo pics

just stepped off the scale: 144 lbs, bwah, 2 and a half pounds since yesterday ^^,
my next goal weight is 136.6 lbs or 62 kg.. calculated that at that rate i will be there in 3 days ! :D
aaaah, i'm so excited ! its 7:20 am over here and haven't slept at all, but now i'm just really energetic and i'm gonna do a P90X exercise and then go swimming before i take a little nap before my first day back at work ! :)

here some thinspo pics cause i'm in such a great mood (:

love love love how her legs look good in the tights !

legs to die for

want her hat, hair and jacket !

want that stomach!

my favorite :)


  1. I'm happy for you! whats your diet like? I need serious help, and your thinspo is gorgeous where'd ya get it? hope your good mood continues :)

  2. my diet is just to eat as little as possible, i try not to count calories cause i get so obsessive when i do.. :s
    for example yesterday i took 3 bites of fish that my mom cooked for dinner, and when i had cravings i just ate an apple with a lot of water :) I also drink a lot of coffee cause that fills me up :)