My weightloss

Sunday, August 7, 2011

looking forward to tomorrow !

just stepped of the scale.. have in mind its 12.08 am here.. and it said 143.3 lbs :) 0.7 lbs down since this morning.
didn't do any exercise like i said this morning, right after blogging i crashed.
i have a bad feeling about tomorrows weigh in, but still looking forward to it..
didn't eat anything today, just coffee and a fat burner(only one because i'm running out and broke)..
worked all day, on my feet.. always running around, should count for something, right?

143.3 lbs is my nemesis.. i always get stuck around there.. but not this time.
mom and dad leaving tomorrow so nobody is here to force me to eat the next few days :)

but i'm still really paranoid over 130 lbs.. only 13 lbs to go, but.. i don't really know how to put this..
everytime i come close, or reach 130 lbs, i lose it.. my mind says over and over again "you've come this far, one bite won't hurt" or "this is the best you will ever do, just accept being the fat one".. 
but even so, i'm not ready to give up.. i'm not happy yet.

i should do a P90X before sleep, and some crunches.. maybe some sit ups.. 
god knows i need it.


  1. That sort of number seems to be my enemy at the moment. Annoying little thing it is...

  2. Fingers crossed that you lose as much as you want to!!! You deserve it! Thanks for all your support. <3