My weightloss

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm back!

so.. the festival was great! a lot of binge drinking and sadly only eating junk food :o
but my mom came from denmark on sunday, so just today i could start my diet again, after finishing all the candy and cheeses :')
but on friday i weighed 140.6 lbs and this morning i weighed 145 :s but thats still a lot less then i thought it would be, so i haven't been eating today, and hopefully not tomorrow either, but on the third day i will probably eat something cus i noticed that i loose much more and keep it off by not eating for 2 days, and then letting myself eat a little , it also helps me with my cravings to think about that i can eat on the third day without feeling guilty :)

and yeah, i was talking to my friend, who as always been the skinniest one in the group, and always been under 117 lbs and always made me jealous and i've always wanted to be thinner than her.. but i just found out that she has been gaining alot of weight, this morning she was 135 lbs.. i feel kinda guilty that this makes me super happy :$ i just like thinking about how skinny she looks and still she's only 10 lbs lighter than me :$
awww.. anyways.. going on a guilt trip by thinking like that, shes my best friend :(

sooooo.. decided to stop smoking... just like an half an hour ago .. just because i have no money :') probably wont last.. i'll end up by asking my mom for some change :') 
gosh i hate nicotine gum, it burns my throat :( 

okay, i've decided.. gonna go ask mum for money 

enough of my rumbling..
i'll see you tomorrow sweethearts 

btw, am i the only one that things pt isn't as good as it used to be? i don't even like visiting it lately :/


  1. No I've noticed PT is just... A little blah at times. Sometimes I am glad I am a mod so I have a good reason to check it daily.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the festival though. I tend to feel happy when certain people gain too. It makes me feel awful sometimes.

  2. I never go on PT anymore, about a year and a half ago I was on evryday but now its so different.
    It used to be so supportive and helpful sighh.

  3. Ugh, I wish cigarettes were cheaper. And also less incriminating smelling :/ I like your plan, it sounds pretty easy to follow and effective :)