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Friday, August 5, 2011

come on pansy! i'm thirsty.

I just realized i'm looking forward to the winter. Of course i will miss the summer, but this summer has sucked some serious baby seal balls.
I miss clothes that cover my body, so people just wonder if i'm fat or just wearing many layers.
I miss seeing my friends, and chilling at school.
I miss learning. but i will stop missing it the first day of school.
I miss having something to do everyday.

I also miss being so busy that i forget to eat.

Starting my new job tomorrow.. its also my old job. i hate that job.
But i'm shit broke so gotta settle for something. God, i wish they had prostitution in my town.

I also need to read more, i have tons of books that i haven't finished and everytime i start, something interrupts me. like flies. i hate flies. why can't flies just be flies outside?

rambling, time to stop.
also, i'm really picky on thinspo pics so you better like it bitches!

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