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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

break up diet?

Weight: trying to weigh myself every two days so new stats tomorrow
Mood: creative
Music: you dont love me-the kooks

just ate some chicken, otherwise nothing today :) 
see, i'm not much of an exercise person, i hate jogging, running, weights and whatever.. thats how i imagine hell to be like.. but everytime i start to move the pounds come flying off, but i also have asthma attacks when i start running, i dont have asthma, but when i workout i do.. 

i just wish i didn't live in such a small town, then i could do some yoga or some shit.. the only thing we have here is a crappy gym and a bullshit pool that costs way too much to go swimming.. and i'm broke. i haven't gone swimming for 2 years, believe it or not.

i also broke up with my boyfriend last friday. i think i just did it so he would appreciate me more, such a stupid idea. and yeah, i know that i shouldn't diet for him, stop whining.. i just dream of seeing his face when he sees how thin i am. and then he pulls me close to me and we have a romantic kiss in the middle of the street. yeah, i'm a daydreamer.
 when we just started dating i was around 136 lbs and when we broke up i was 152.. 16 freaking pounds, thats just unnatural. didn't really notice it until last week. his scale takes off 11 lbs, so when i lived with him i noticed nothing, and all we ate was something fatty cause it was cheaper, blurgh.

you know that creepy scene in romantic movies were the girl finds his t-shirt and starts smelling it and holding it close up to her.. yeah, that really sad girl was me last night. 

i miss him.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about pleasing your boyfriend, mine eats whatever he wants and still has abs, i want him to look at me and just say... "wow!" :( Hopefully your plan works.